Extreme Sports Cards inc. is equiped with highly specialized technology allowing us to offer other services not always related to sports.

Among other things, we produced playing cards for Le Cirque du Soleil and Creaturon game cards. And for those of you who are big fans of Star Académie, you will be pleased to know that we produced cards for the singers of the second edition (2004). Phénomia show also got their cards in 2005.

Added to that, we have printed pictures for professional sportsmen and women (boxing, speed skating, etc.) These products were already designed.

One of our photographers from PEI, Canada, Chris Wilkinson, got the contract for the hockey cards of PEI Rockets 2011-12. He sent us his own design and we printed the cards of the team.

If you have an idea you want to submit, we are open to hear you. Don’t hesitate to contact us. (Note that your project will have to be approved by the team).