Our Products

We know how proud of our children we can be as parents. Let these little stars of yours shine year after year, season after season with our amazing designs, designs also used by many teams of the Major Junior League! Indeed, each season Extreme Sports Cards, offer a new design that evoluates through time, making your family invaluable souvenirs.

How many players did we see having so much fun exchanging cards among them, strengthening the bond of the team. Each of them feels so unique and important.

What do we offer?

We offer a large variety of products in many different designs for many different sports such as hockey, baseball, soccer, crosse, ringette, dance, cheerleading, horseback riding, ice skating, car racing, etc, etc. Actually, you decide whatever design you want that fits the sport your kid plays!

Beside sports, we also have designs for daycare centers. Your little ones can have great souvenirs of their time spent at the daycare!

Your child will graduate from elementary school? Offer an album-souvenir to all the graduates. Each student can have a picture with a comment under. This is a great product really appreciated from students, parents and teachers.

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How to get these amazing products?

If you are an association or a team manager give us a call and we will guide you throughout the process of all the alternative to get our amazing products.

If you are a photographer, give us a call to be part of our team. Note that some area are already restricted due to the number of photographers in specific area.